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Elevation Certificates secured by Flood Relief Specialists is the essential document needed to place accuracy with Flood Insurance.
Elevation Certificates, Nationwide, Flood Zone, Accuracy
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Elevation Certificates

An Elevation Certificate secured by FRS, is the essential document needed to place accuracy with Flood Insurance. FRS is able to discover any incorrect classifications, split Flood Zones, A & AO Zones and Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) inconsistencies, all of which drastically affect the premium that the structure owner will be required to pay annually for flood insurance.

An Elevation Certificate allows FRS to not only clarify and provide “peace of mind”, but it also allows for a better understanding of the level of risk associated with the subject structure.

FRS has built relations with Surveying Firms nationwide. This has resulted in a proprietary database of certified land surveyors that are able provide Elevation Certificates at a modest price and are well informed with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) codes and regulations.

Elevation Certificate

*Some exclusions may apply for California

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