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Flood Zone Reclassifications

Process for determining the accurate level of flooding risk and where you qualify.

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Elevation Certificates

Allows a better understanding of the level of risk associated with subject structures.

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Premium Accuracy

Providing peace of mind that a flood insurance premium is accurate and justified.

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About FRS

Flood Relief Specialists (FRS) is a nationwide company that assists residential and commercial structure owners with proving the accurate level of flood risk associated with their structure(s), which generally results in a reduction or complete elimination of the mandatory flood insurance.

Lexi OLeary Flood Relief Specialists

Lexi O’Leary
President of FRS

I can highly recommend Lexi & her team at FRS. They are competent and very knowledgeable. They made the whole process a breeze in getting the requirement for Flood Insurance eliminated.

– R.J. Freedman- Indianapolis, IN

“Lexi and her team did a fantastic job for me on my home. The process was smooth and actually went much quicker than I was expecting. The surveyor that came to my home was great…”

– Terry Snow – Poway, CA

Proud Members of:

FRS Better Business Bureau
Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association
Small Business Administration
National Flood
Dun and Bradstreet